In 1950, Mr. Lee Shui-Tu became the owner of Mizuki Trading Company after Japanese troops withdrew from Taiwan and began his career and passion in making quality soap.   As his name implied, Mr. Lee established the soap business with the enthusiasm to preserve the environment—the planet we live on.

Since then, the company has experienced transformations- from the first generation Mr. Lee Shui-Tu to the third generation of successors has maintained the spirit of Mr. Lee’s work; that is, the importance of integrity and a deep respect for nature.

We now would like to further spread Mr. Lee’s love and passion for the nature by sharing our refining soap with you.  We believe by sharing this gift of three generations, we are contributing to the sustainability of the planet that we so dearly love and cherish.


Behind the Scenes

傳承以禮,以禮祝福,傳承3代的職人精神,回到爺爺最初的原點-迪化街 再次出發。將臺灣在地特色化作精美包裝,融入每一件產品中,傳遞贈予者的情感。無論是多微小的祝福,希望透過我們的產品,能讓受贈者感受到對方的心意。堅持是團隊精神,永續是品牌宗旨,期望以不變的態度,再創品牌另一甲子的榮景。

As my responsibility but also as a blessing, inheriting the spirit of three generations past, I once again started on Dihua Street, where Grandpa first started his business. Local Taiwanese features will be gracefully packaged and blended into every product to convey the giver’s feelings. No matter how tiny the blessing, we hope that our products truly represent to the recipient the mind of the giver. Persistence is the spirit of the team, and sustainability the purpose of the brand, with the expectation of an unwavering attitude that will create another 60 years of prosperity.

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