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moments company 期許成為日本・海外的橋樑,透過物品提供日常的喜悅瞬間(moments),


第一彈展出『NEW RETRO』
大約 50 年前昭和時代,日本小學生必備的室內鞋袋和文具小物,就算時代轉變,復古色調搭配線條簡單的圖案設計,樸實溫暖的氛圍依舊讓人喜愛。想起過往的美好時光,令人會心一笑的懷舊文具系列。

in April 2013, dedicate to providing customers happy moments by introducing fantastic products from Japan and international makers. With unique insightful and great passion about life goods, lead moments company to select attractive and special products from all over the world.

About 50 years ago, every student had their own tool box or slippers case in Japan.
Even if the times change, we are attracted to the simple and warm appearance from the old time. The NEW RETRO stationary series make you smile by reminding the good old days, which has nostalgic hue and cute motif designs.


Behind the Scenes

常務董事 谷村將貴
1973 年,出生於京都在博多長大,1997 年 24 歲加入 HIGHTIDE 成為物流隊長,而後負責生產業務、並在管理部門工作後,加入子公司 moments company,主要負責進出口業務、財務管理。

商品總監 三澤英之
1976 年出生於大阪,2004 年加入 HIGHTIDE,此後 5 年間在大阪支社專職營業;出於對市場的見解,經驗及本人的希望,由大阪營業部轉入本社商品企劃部,從事商品開發企劃。因事業拓展需要,與 2013 年轉入新成立的 moments 株式會社。

NEW RETRO 設計師 島田瑛子
在有東京迪士尼樂園的千葉縣出生,畢業於東京造型大學設計系,進入廣告製作公司擔任平面設計,而後轉換跑道到文具公司上班。2012 年加入 HIGHTIDE 擔任商品開發,從紙製品到縫製品,目標是設計出大人也想使用令人開心的商品。

Masaki Tanimura / Corporate Officer
Born in 1973 in Kyoto grew up in Hakata(Fukuoka). He started his career as a leader of shipping department at HIGHTIDE CO., LTD. He was in charge of Import section and accounting as well. As an honest and reliable person, let him could get along well with foreigners.
His hobbies are motorsports, golf and boxing.

Hideyuki Misawa / Director
He joined HIGHTIDE CO., LTD as a sales representative (Product Development)in 2004 and responsible for export, product planning then joined moments company in 2013. He is spontaneous and believes in his intuition. His hobby is voice training at a park.

Eiko Shimada / Designer of NEW RETRO
Born in Chiba where Tokyo Disneyland located. She graduated from the design department of Tokyo Zokei University, then joined the advertising production company as a graphic designer then changing career path to stationery company.
In 2012, she joined HIGHTIDE as product development professional. From paper products to sewing products, she is dedicated to designing items which loved by adults and make people happy.

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