GR-GreenRoom Ideas Cooperation


GR(Greenroom Ideas Cooperation)的作品經由手工一針一線的縫製,勾勒出皮件裡扎實、迷人的魅力;以精簡的設計語言滿足直覺的需要,追求可以經歷時間淬鍊的美感來雕塑作品,帶領生活上性靈的啟發。從理性上,放入人因尺度與材料設計的優點,追求耐久、永續使用的可能性。在感性裡,投射出對生活的新樣貌,走出自己的味道,活出自己的品味,在賞心悅目的環境下全力以赴。


The products of GR (GreenRoom Ideas Cooperation) are handcrafted with needle and thread to highlight the durability and charm of leather. We streamline the language of design to satisfy the demands of intuition. We pursue lasting beauty while sculpting our products in order to lead to a life of spiritual inspiration. From a logical perspective, we aim to achieve the possibility of endurance and a product built to last with the advantage gained from our integration of human factors and material design. From an emotional perspective, we advance a new lifestyle to help you find your own taste and discover your own style in a pleasant environment while striving to be your very best.

We believe that simplicity and intuition can improve the quality of life. The user and leather product begin a journey together and develop a truly unique bond through their shared experiences.


Behind the Scenes


為了傳遞人類的雙手是最偉大的工具這樣的核心價值,為保留手工打造出的存在感,與不同於機器量產製品的生命力氛圍,greenroom的每一件皮革作品均採用歐洲進口天然皮革,使用超過30 道以上的工序,在台灣總公司由專業的設計師,一件一件親手完成。

Greenroom is a brand established since 2011 in Taiwan, from the third floor of a small apartment next to the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, to start the production of leather works. Aiming for people who do not blindly follow popular, pursue sustainable use, and want something different, to provide a modernism style of work.

In order to promote the hands of mankind is the greatest tool for core value,  and different from the mass production of machine atmosphere, all greenroom products are use natural leather from Europe, with more than 30 or more processes, made in Taiwan head office by  professional designers.

Each suture on the work, by the designer adhere to 100% manual way to needle threading, push the needle through the hole, pull tight, to ensure its durability.

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