O.N.E 於 2015 年創立於澳門,作為一家手工真皮包包設計品牌起家,2020年轉型為純素品牌。設計風格融合殖民時期的中西文化底蘊,以及對大自然與當代生活的觀察,展現出簡約、隨性又時髦的面貌。

2019 年末,創辦人在一趟北歐旅行中,頓悟動物平權的重要性,於是毅然成為素食主義者,品牌也於2020 年 8 月重生,堅持所有產品 100% 為純素和零殘忍,並透過種樹與捐款給動保團體,邀請消費者一起與地球生態共好。


2023 受邀參加 LA Vegan Fashion Week

2023 拓展市場至台灣、日本、美國

2022 研發出 YUMI®玉米基皮革,並獲得美國農業部(USDA)認證

2020 獲得 PETA (英國善待動物組織)純素品牌認證

Founded in Macau in 2015, O.N.E began as a designer of handcrafted genuine leather bags. In 2020, the brand transitioned to a fully vegan and cruelty-free ethos. It integrates colonial East-West cultural elements with keen observations of nature and contemporary lifestyles, showcasing a minimalist, laid-back, and stylish aesthetic.

The shift was inspired by the founder’s journey to Northern Europe in 2019, which highlighted the critical importance of animal rights. In response, O.N.E fully embraced veganism in August 2020, committing to 100% vegan products and supporting environmental sustainability through tree planting and donations to animal protection groups, inviting consumers to contribute to a harmonious ecological future.



Behind the Scenes

澳門知名時尚設計選物店 En Masse 創辦人、TEDx 講者。2016 年結合其獨特的選物品味及手作皮件經驗,成立了O.N.E。2020年,Xenia 開始實踐純素生活,將 O.N.E 轉型為永續純素皮件品牌,貫徹其對動物與環境保護的理念。

Xenia Wong, founder and chief designer of O.N.E., founder of the well-known fashion boutique En Masse in Macau, and also a TEDx speaker. Drawing on her unique taste and expertise in handcrafted leather, she launched O.N.E in 2016. By 2020, embracing a vegan lifestyle, Xenia transformed O.N.E into a sustainable vegan leather brand, upholding her commitment to animal and environmental protection.


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