offoff theatre by gu siaoyin


「offoff theatre」是插畫家古曉茵gu siaoyin在2015年所創立的品牌,其概念是一個像劇場的品牌;一個像品牌的劇場,期望藉由每一次的發表,帶給大家更加有趣的產品,以及延伸其外的想像與感受。

“offoff theatre” was established by illustrator gu siaoyin in 2015. The brand concept is trying to create one brand like a theatre to transform and transmit some visible/invisible elements of theatre. Expecting to bring viewers more interesting products and extending the imagination and feeling of objects through new launches.


Behind the Scenes

古曉茵 gu siaoyin /插畫家。2003年開始從事插畫工作,包含廣告、雜誌、書籍、報紙、網頁、商品設計與開發等。除了舉辦展覽活動外,更於2015年成立自己的品牌「offoff theatre 」, 2016年受邀擔任日本手紙舍『布博in東京vol.7』主視覺插畫。2017年擔任『島作』市集主視覺插畫。

Gu Siaoyin, illustrator, has been a freelance illustrator since 2003. The clients are covering advertising, magazines, publishers, newspapers, websites, product designs. Besides exhibitions and activities, Siaoyin established “offoff theatre” in 2015, took commissions for main visual illustration of the 7th Nunohaku in Tokyo 2016 and Taiwan Islandcraft event 2017.

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