SUTTER STREET是在美國舊金山市區的一條路名。

自主幹道MARKET STREET往北延伸,一路往上爬,在中國城的前方,就碰到了SUTTER STREET, 接著一路往西走,林立的旅店、酒吧、餐館,表象著如此多元文化的舊金山市。

不時能見著舊金山藝術大學(ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY)的學區大樓, 坐落在市區各個角落,孕育出無數藝術工作者。

SUTTER ST. 是一個multi-label select shop. 精選全球傑出設計師的品牌商品,帶給台灣品味十足的消費者。

SUTTER STREET locates downtown San Francisco, USA.
Main road MARKET STREET extends to the north all the way up.

Right in front of China Town, you will meet SUTTER STREET, and then go all the way west, there are hotels, bars, and restaurants; it represents such a multicultural city of San Francisco.

From time to time, you witness the school district buildings of the San Francisco Art University (ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY), which spreads in every corner of the city and have bred countless art workers.

SUTTER ST. is a multi-label select shop. It selects the brand products of outstanding designers all over the world, bringing them to consumers with taste here in Taiwan.


Behind the Scenes

曾任台北市東區知名選牌店OVERTURE CLOTHING品牌採購,同為創辦人之一。

舊金山藝術大學 時裝商品經營系
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The Founder & Brand Director of OVERTURE CLOTHING(Taipei) since 2012.
Bachelor of Fine Art (Fashion Merchandising)
Academy of Arts University (Class of 2011)

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