生活就像一片吐司,可以很簡單,也可以加上各式的佐料,創造出不同的風味。設計也如同烹飪,以最基本的元素入菜,創造出無限可能與豐富體驗。TOAST Living從生活用品的實用性與材質切入,加入對於生活的觀察與簡潔的設計理念,為平凡美好的每一天致敬。
對物件「質感」的追求與探索,是 TOAST 產品重要的靈魂,一如中文的「潤」字,一種細膩光滑、穠纖合度的微妙狀態,不僅是工藝美學歷久追尋的精緻觸感,更象徵人們在忙碌的工作與生活中,達成各種面向的巧妙平衡。

Life is like a piece of toast. You can have it either in plain and simple way, or add different sauces to create plentiful flavors. Design is also like cooking; designers create enriching experiences or products from the most essential elements and ideas. TOAST was born with this concept. Our design ideas all come from observations in daily life. Focusing on the practical aspects and the essential elements of objects, we create great experiences and lots of fun for our users.
In ordinary days, TOAST hope to inspire people’s life with our mellow & elegant products.


Behind the Scenes

設計團隊由三位設計師、品牌總監 Sean 與設計顧問 Woody 組成,TOAST設計時是團體創作,所有設計師一起參與繪製草圖、提案、彼此討論、腦力激盪,具備從設計到量產的能力,親自面對工廠,從畫圖、設計到量產完成的所有細節,精準掌握品牌理念與產品方向。

TOAST design team includes 3 designers, executive director and design consultant. All designers involve brainstorming, discussion, sketch, proposal…etc. at the first stage of a project, like a group creation. Once confirm the direction, one of the designer will be handling the production from drawings, package design, to final QC. The team have mastered design and production under the philosophy of TOAST.

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